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Testimonial                                                                                                        From a lovely lady that I had the privilege to work with

I have had a severe Dental phobia since the age of seven.  I am now forty.  In July, I was told by my Dentist that I would need to have three wisdom teeth out and the thought of this was just something that I just could not comprehend or rationalise in my head.  It sent me into fits of panic attacks and anxiety which left me almost suicidal at the thought of having to have this procedure.  It simply petrified the life out of me.

I contacted Bernard, after my brother had been to see Bernard to help him stop smoking 6 weeks before his wedding.  My brother has never touched another cigarette since that day. With trepidation I had four hypnotherapy sessions to get me to the Consultants appointment at the hospital to arrange my date for the procedure, followed by another two sessions for the actual procedure.  I can simply say that Bernard has been amazing.  Bernard also gave me a short hypnotherapy CD to take away with me, along with a medication CD which both helped enormously.

My phobia has gripped me from a very young age and Bernard regressed me and dealt with all my demons brilliantly.  I can happily say that I have now had my wisdom teeth out at Guys Hospital and I am so proud of myself!!  I had one healing session with Bernard the week after my procedure which I must say was brilliant too!  I have never experienced anything like it.

If anyone out there needs help, please don’t feel silly or stupid.  I did, but with Bernard’s help, I really overcame one of the biggest hurdles and my phobia is now under control for the first time in years!  Don’t be scared.  Take hold of your life and try Bernard.

If anyone out there is unsure, I am happy for Bernard to forward my email address so that you can also contact me.

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