Just the name is enough to invoke fear. Yet every one of us produce abnormal cells that for the most part our immune system deals with.


What are the main causes of cancer.

Research has shown us that the major causes for cancer are a genetic predisposition to cancer, diet content particularly sugars, smoking in relation to lung, throat, and mouth cancers with the other major factor for all types of cancers being stress. Yet not everyone that has these major factors develops cancer it is usually the case of there being a combination of factors the biggest one of these acting as a trigger with other elements very often stress.

How can I help?

Do I have a medical degree?       No Am I claiming to cure cancer?    No

Can I advise you on the best detoxify?        No

My qualifications are in the fields of Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Healing

As part of your health team. I can make a difference in many other ways by teaching you to become your own healer . Not only with the stress and anxiety you may have had in your life just through the actions of every day life, but also from the very real stress, pain and fear caused from just the diagnosis and then, the shearer exhaustion and self esteem issues that come along  with all the side effect of  all the medical treatments and protocols that you may need.

Hypnosis and mindfulness can have a very real and profound impact on your abilities to not only cope with the stresses of your cancer treatment but also helping you to regain control over your life leading you to the abilities and skills to improve your quality of life as you come to terms with this terrible disease, learning that it need not define you. Improving your abilities to cope with this devastating disease, that blights so many peoples lives.

Any medical professional will tell you that your state of mind and attitude have profound effects on your physical well-being, this is particularly true of this period of a persons life. We have all heard of the expressions mind and body and even extending that to mind body and soul. My job is to not only give meaning to those expressions and understandings but more importantly, working with you to bring a better quality life.


Each of us are individuals with our own belief systems, understandings and experiences making us the person we are. The same is true of what you need now.

As you are the expert on you. My first job is to listen to you and find out what you need most and then acting as a guide to help you to those understandings, inner truths and strengths’. Relieving the source of the problems that helped to create the cancer in the first place, but also helping you to cope with all the stresses and anxieties that the mere fact of being diagnosed with cancer causes. Then there is the treatment with all the side effects and fatigue, on top of the stresses of our everyday life. Helping you move on from cancer and not being defined by cancer. Learning to heal your body, mind and soul in ways that are uniquely right for you.



Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is a world leader in research to prevent, detect and treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

“Decreasing cancer-related symptoms with self-hypnosis”

Cancer Research UK Can Research into hypnotherapy in people with cancer

“Some reports show that hypnosis can help people to reduce their blood pressure, stress, anxiety, and pain. Hypnosis can create relaxing brain wave patterns. Some clinical trials have looked at how well hypnotherapy works for people with cancer”

The Research Council For Complementary Medicine

“Hypnosis has potential as an intervention for anticipatory and chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting in children with cancer. Recommendations, further research into the effectiveness, feasibility and acceptance of hypnosis in CINV for cancer patients, in particular in adults is suggested.”


A Randomized, Wait-List Controlled Clinical Trial: The Effect of a Mindfulness

Meditation-Based Stress Reduction Program on Mood and Symptoms of Stress in


“ Meditation , Mood and Stress of this intervention, illustrating that it effectively alleviated distress from a relatively low baseline level.

In summary, as evidenced by this study, this program of mindfulness meditation– based stress reduction effectively reduced Total Mood Disturbance and Confusion.”

Psychosomatic Medical Journal of Biobehavioral Midicine

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Relation to Quality of Life, Mood, Symptoms of Stress, and Immune Parameters in Breast and Prostate Cancer Outpatients

Linda E. Carlson, PhD, Michael Speca, Psy D, Kamala D. Patel, PhD and Eileen Goodey, MSW

“CONCLUSIONS: MBSR participation was associated with enhanced quality of life and decreased stress symptoms in breast and prostate cancer patients. This study is also the first to show changes in cancer-related cytokine production associated with program participation.”

Spiritual Healing

University of Southampton The effects of spiritual healing for women undergoing long term hormone therapy for breast cancer

“Findings The positive effects of Spiritual Healing included alleviation of the physical side-effects of their treatment, increased energy levels, enhanced well-being, emotional relaxation, and re-engagement with precancer activities. Although 1 participant admitted considering a drug holiday prior to joining the study, none of the participants felt tempted to stop their hormonal treatments while receiving Spiritual Healing.

Conclusions These qualitative findings indicate that Spiritual Healing has the potential to support patients with breast cancer in the maintenance of their long-term orthodox treatments. Further research is needed to test Spiritual Healing as a cost-effective complementary therapy, for those undergoing long-term cancer treatments.”

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