Fears, Phobias & Panic Attacks

What is a Fear or Phobia?

If you were standing on a crumbling edge of a cliff and you are having a fight or flight reaction; heart pumping, breathing heavier, hands shaking, palms sweating – Is it a phobia? No. The threat is in direct relation to the reaction.

If you’re standing well away from the edge safely and have the same reaction- is that a phobia? YES

A phobia is an out of proportion or inappropriate reaction to an object, animal, event or situation.

A panic attack is similar, however one of its main differences to a phobia is that you may no know what exactly is triggering the attack response. Once you have experienced a panic attack many worry if they are going to have another and lose control. This spirals out of control and becomes a self fulfilling prophecy; a fear of fear.

Phobias, Fears & Panic Attacks are all learned responses

You weren’t born with it.

A Few Short Sessions Can Have The Domino Effect – Collapsing Your Out Of Proportion Responses

It is not part of your genetic makeup. Because it is a learned response, you can unlearn them; it doesn’t matter if it is a single thing or a cluster of problems.


However severe your fear, phobia or panic attack may be, hypnotherapy and mindfulness can make the difference. When combined with other protocols such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing it becomes a recipe for successfully putting the repeated thoughts that trigger your reactions, into the past.

After 18 years of experience I know you can move on and change your fears, phobias or panic attacks to something positive.

The ancient Greek god Phobos was believed to be able to reduce the enemies of the Greeks to a stat of terror, making victory in battle more likely. So, turn the tide of your battle with fears and phobias into your victory.

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