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Expert Hypnotherapy is your West End specialist on your doorstep.

I have lived in Edgware for over 30 years and practiced from my home for 18 years as well as having a West End practice.

I know it is hard to know how to trust with so many therapists that practice from home part-time with little experience, probably charging less money so you may think they’re cheap. But ask yourself, how can they continually up date their skills if they’re not charging me a fair rate; after all to travel and learn from the very best around the world is expensive. For example last year alone I was in Germany and Italy attending specialist workshops on various newly researched aspects of hypnotherapy.

So please be aware, not all hypnotherapists are the same and at the end of the day it is You the client that needs to feel comfortable with the therapist your choice, with the confidence and the trust that they can help YOU to make a difference to your life. That is why before I take on a new client I like to have a chat so we can both assess if we can work together and get the results you want.

What is Mindfulness all about

Mindfulness is not new and been around for centuries the discipline comes in the main part from the Buddhist tradition and blends well with hypnoth

erapy. Helping you to come to term’s with your own thoughts, feelings and emotions putting you back in the driving seat as it were, knowing you are more than the constant some times negati

ve chatter that goes on inside our head.

Link To mindmoments.co.uk

Link To mindmomments.co.uk

For lots more information on mindfulness and are mindfulness courses and workshops please visit our dedicated

mindfulness websites by clicking on the mind moments banner

Edgware  practice, 185 Edgwarebury Lane, Edgware, HA8 8QJ  Appointments 020 8958 9565

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