Questions to ask

When looking for a Hypnotherapist what is important to bear in mind. That within the United Kingdom there is no governing legislation requiring minimum standards of training and competence for hypnotherapy .When you look at London and North London areas is taking in Edgware, Watford and St Albans, there are literally thousands of adverts advertising not only hypnotherapy but also hypnotherapy related courses. So many many of these courses hold dubious qualifications at best. It may surprise you to learn further quite a number of organisations offering hypnotherapy courses,  amount to no more than a series of MP3 downloads and a Manuel.

So no  matter what area you live in be  it London, North London or any other area of the UK ask a few questions first

  • What qualifications they have as a Hypnotherapist
  • Who that qualification is recognised by
  • What additional training they have had
  • Are they a member of a professional organisation
  • Are they signatories to a code of practice

These are very basic questions that any properly qualified clinical Hypnotherapist would be only too pleased to answer. Within my website you will find answers to all these questions.

  • I was trained by the London College of clinical hypnotherapy at Birkbeck College.
  • Qualified by the British Medical Examining Board which is recognised by the National Health Service.
  • My training is ongoing and from a personal point of view I continue to attend workshops to remain on the cutting edge of therapy.
  • A Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnotherapist and a signatory to there code of practice

Call me today for a chat 020 8958 9565 if I am busy I promise to call you back or if you’d prefer, you can arrange a free 30 minute consultation with no obligation.

Your first consultation is an extended 90 minute consultation, as it’s important to find a therapist who makes you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed. The first 30 minutes is your time to assess if hypnotherapy is right for you and whether you wish to continue

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