Hypnosis & Mindfulness Theory

The basis of hypnotherapy is grounded in many theories dating back to Aristotle. These theories over the centuries have constantly been refined and developed to what we now know as modern day hypnotherapy. That process is ongoing with many landmark names such as Prof. Milton H. Erickson, John Hartland, William S Kruger, Ruben Battino, David Elman, James Braid, to name but a few

Our subconscious holds all our learned experience. Some of what we have taken on board may no longer serve us and whilst it may be at a conscious level, we realise this, yet still continue to react in the same way. Many problems that we experience are due to events occurring in our formative years or by extended repetition and reinforcement, or it may even be a one-off event. Very often our behaviour is governed by events we may or may not have a conscious memories of, yet continue to effect how we react and behave.

Our unconscious mind always acts in such a way that it attempts to protect and preserve us constantly striving to keep us safe. Many fears and phobias have their roots in a past experience or may be an exaggerated self-preservation reaction ( this is called fight or flight) we can even catch a phobia watching someone else’s reaction . For some it may be the way we define ourselves or what we can or cannot do or achieve, often based on information that we have absorbed and taken on board;. which may no longer true of us (indeed may never have been true of us) similarly for many people suffering from depression (known to affect a large percentage of the population at some time in their life) they find themselves trapped in thoughts of the past or worrying about the future with feelings of helplessness. Overtime these thoughts become over-exaggerated and generalised, often to the point where they begin to restrict our lives.


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Hypnotherapy and mindfulness revises the information held in the unconscious mind. That controls our feelings, habits and behaviours, resolving the problem and not just the symptoms.

The hypnotic states occur naturally in every one. We have all used expressions such as, daydreaming, my mind wandered, I drove home on automatic. These are all naturally occurring states of mind that we all experience. As a Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness practitioner it’s my job to help you use these states of your mind to make deep and long lasting changes to your thoughts, feelings for your well-being so that, life just makes so much more sense. Making the changes that are right for you, so you can move onto enjoying your life with a sense of achievement..

Healing in a trance state is one of the oldest of the medical arts (quotation from J Hartland)

Mind and Body

How can Hypnosis and Mindfulness effect physical problems? We have all heard of the placebo effect, often the expression is used in drug trials. When you account for the placebo effect averaging around 14% and many effective drugs having a 30% effectiveness you can appreciate that taking into account the placebo effect, many drugs in reality have little more than 16% effectiveness the remainder being made up of the placebo effect.

Please note I’m not trying to undermine nor negate the value of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Hypnosis and Mindfulness are complementary medical treatments, I am merely suggesting that in addition to any medical treatment that you may be having, Hypnosis and Mindfulness can have many great additional benefits to the healing process and that the placebo effect so well documented, profoundly illustrates the power of our mind over our body, and how the Mind can and does effect the chemicals we produce naturally, together with the activation and suppression of our immune system.

Hypnosis and Mindfulness should be considered as another tool to help you on the road to recovery for many physical conditions. As an additional programme of well-being together with your medical professionals.

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