Mindfulness & Hypontherapy Herts

I am so fed up feeling tired all the time.

After I have my operation can I really make a difference to how quickly I recover?

I wish it wasn’t like this, one thing after another.

I keep making the same mistakes, when am I going to stop going in circles?

I feel trapped in the past; I am just not good enough.

Hypnosis & Mindfulness can help with such a wide variety of problems, many of the most common you will find listed under the consultations tab. But there are also many physical illness that can also benefit from a few short sessions, because it is not only the work that is done with a session that is important, but more about training you the client in techniques  that on going allow you to continue to make a difference.

There is a famous quotation “If you give a man a fish he can eat for a day, but if you give a man a fishing rod and teach him how to fish him eats for a lifetime”.

My goal is for all my clients to have their lifetime tools. I know that may sound a bit cliché take a few minutes to have a fish around the website and give me a call if it feels right for you.

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