Inner Child Therapy

Wouldn’t we all like to have the memories of a perfect childhood with parents that nurtured and cared for us helping us to develop into well rounded confident individuals within a loving and caring environment. But for many this is sadly not so. The reality is that disfunctionality of one type or another is the norm within many family units and continues to repeat, from one generation to the next. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness for inner child work is about giving yourself what you needed and had every right as a child to expect. It is not about changing what was, whether that be mental or physical abuse of any kind or for that matter a parents inability to give you the love and nurturing that you needed. It’s about the gift, that with guidance and help you can give to yourself emotionally, as you work and nurture your inner child giving him or her all the love, care and confidence you never had but wished for, needed and deserved. Not only at that time but now, so you can resolve your childhood issues and develop the understanding and confidence that you need now.

We are all in essence children at our core.

We are born unspoiled and freely communicating our needs. As we grow up we learn the boundaries and expectations which, of course, we take on at our deepest unconscious levels of learning and understanding from those that were charged with our care. Unfortunately if those carers did not have the skills and abilities themselves, for whatever reason, they were unable to pass them on.

Know you are not alone. You can claim back your power, putting behind you these devastating feelings of being a victim or that heavy weight of guilt that may enshroud you like a cloud.

Why hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy has the abilities to help you create through visualisation techniques the environment within you. For you to become that mother or father that you as a child would have liked and needed. As we create an entire nurturing environment for that inner child which, of course, in essence is you so your feelings will develop and change. The unconscious mind does not differentiate between what was real and what you create. That does not mean your memories will change only the feelings and emotions that were attached to them that were the cause of your issues, bringing you to a place of your own self acceptance and confidence. In essence, taking the power and control of your life’s needs, values and aspirations.

Why mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about accepting where you are now in this very moment rather than being concerned or unduly bothered about the past or the future. It doesn’t mean that we are burying our head in the sand nor that we don’t plan for the future, it means that we learn to understand our thoughts, feelings and emotions. To investigate all of these thoughts and feelings deciding for ourselves what is true and what may no longer be true for our self; but more importantly ongoing, throughout our entire lives we can continue to change grow and nurture ourselves.

After all, we are more than just the many thoughts that flow through our mind continually that may or may not necessarily be true, Mindfulness teaches us to bring control over our constant mind chatter.

If we can not love our self how can we expect others to love us?

If we cannot love and feel confident, safe and secure about ourselves then we will always look to others to fulfill those needs out of a sense of despair and need. Rather than having the confidence to expect and demand, mutual love, respect and understanding.

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