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The phrase ‘mind, body and soul (or spirit)’ infers that they are all connected, suggesting that these make up our body as a whole. Therefore, isolating a pattern of behavior or dis-ease to one part is just putting a patch on the problem only to find that another patch is needed somewhere else at a later date.

At a deeper level, recognising that even the paths that we choose, that cross over as we interact with those around us, are part of the same pattern. I look at my clients holistically, they have come to me because they have a problem, and something is not working for them. My job is to identify where the source of the problem is (not the presenting issue) and then to guide them to a solution.

You might ask how that is different from any other therapist.

Well I suppose it’s a philosophy that I have developed over many years of observation and questioning how is it that a shift in the way someone thinks makes such a difference to a physical healing? We all are now well aware that mental stress and depression have huge impacts on how the body copes with illness and recovery, so the link between mind and body is very obvious and well established.

But many will ask where does the soul fit in? This is something scientists are just now beginning to try to quantify. As a spiritualist it is natural to think of spirit or soul as being part of our whole being, extending beyond and prior to experience of where we are now. For me, it is only natural to look at how the emotions of our soul impact on our physical and mental well being and just as we sometimes react to emotions stored in our memory in a way that they no longer serve us, so the same is sometimes true of our soul.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their belief, which must always be respected and as a therapist I will always do so. My job is take my client on the journey from where they are, however their pain manifests itself to where they want to be, using their frame work or beliefs and not imposing my own as we all have our own path to follow.

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