Past Life Regression

Can we truly cross the veils of time by using hypnotic regression. Travel back to past lives or indeed the times between lives.

Whatever your beliefs are –

I know that there is, in all probability, a large split between believers of past lives and nonbelievers of a past life regardless of the large body of empirical evidence regression that point to survival after death and the concepts of past lives and reincarnation. Whatever your beliefs are theiris no denying the healing value of past life regression therapy.

Many of my clients had been suffering for years, from illnesses, phobias and many other issues. Having tried variety of different things over time to resolve their problems, treatments that simply provide little or no relief from their symptoms. Past life healing has been the key to setting them free.

Past life regression therapy is about going back to gain understanding and insights which lead to the ability to become empowered and resolve those deep seated issues.

So is it about karma? Do you really believe you have been a bad person in your past life so you must suffer in this one

No  It is understanding that life is about learning from our experiences. It is the understanding of those experiences that allow us to make sense of what has happened.

Just like a line of domino’s when one falls over the rest follow. Our understanding and acknowledgment of those key seed events of our past lives, that affect us in the present, is what makes them fall away, allowing us to move on, in the present

Can I get stuck in our past lives ?.

No you will simply experience a controlled state of relaxation. This state is what allows you to access the subconscious information for you to put an end to your trauma. The cause of your symptoms, pain or trauma, that you have unconsciously been carrying around for so long, is now transformed to understanding. This is why only past life therapy can finally resolve deep seated problems that have come from that point of origin which have led to long term suffering. Finally leave you to feel unburdened with a great sense of freedom and relief.

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