Self-Hypnosis Seminars

Self-Hypnosis is simply… The Most Powerful Life Changing Tool

You Can Master it in Just One Day!

This course will demystify hypnosis giving you the mastery to focus on what is important to You!

Self Confidence – Setting and Achieving Your Goals – Business Forward Planning – Enhanced Sports Performance – Reviewing Past and Present Situations – Pain Control – Visualisation for Mind and Body Healing – Insomnia – Stress – Anger Management

Self Hypnosis will give you access to your own inner resources in every aspect of your life from how you interact with others to your ability to achieve your goals and desires. You will even be able to control your body and your emotions.

Self hypnosis has long been recognised as one of the most effective treatment for overcoming both psychological and physical problems.Self hypnosis will give you access to your own inner resources in every aspect your life from how you interact with others to your ability to achieve your goals and desires, even the control you have over your body and emotions

  • Take your business to new levels by consistently being the best you can be
  • Sports; bring your game to new levels
  • Know and constantly achieve  YOUR GOALS

Self Hypnosis is where my own hypnotherapy journey began. It transformed my life, and enabled me to make miraculous changes, putting me in control in a ways I had not thought was even possible before.

Learn To Master Self Hypnosis In One Day

Unlock Your Potential

Course Structure


Introduction  reviewing your objectives (each course is geared to meeting your needs)

Introduction what is hypnosis and how does hypnosis work

Hypnosis session

Structure of the language you need to use to gain the best and most amassing results

The power of creative visualisation and using all your senses (modalities)

Structuring your self hypnosis session and time distortion

Hypnosis session; Installing Self Hypnosis

Open fun discussion


Mind mapping techniques for studies and projects

Using hypnosis to review past and future events

Motivation; how to motivate yourself to do the things you know you should but have trouble doing. Pain verses pleasure

Hypnosis session

Goal writing and setting your goals

Q and A

Pain Control and self healing the power of the mind over your body

Open session achieving each participant objectives

Hypnosis session

What The Course Includes

full days tuition

Course manual




To be completely focused and know you at the top of your game


The ability to review past and future situations and be fully prepared having reviewed all possible outcomes

Goal setting;

Know where you want to be 5 years 4,3,2,1, years along your time line.

What you need to do in the next 6,5,4,3,2,1,month’s. This week & Today.

To meet those goals and have the motivation to see it through


Memory mind mapping

The ability to remain relaxed and focused in previously tense situations


Create a safe place for you to work giving the ability to know what’s important to you and the tools to help you achieve your goals

A place to distress when ever you wish even if you only have a few minutes

Change the way you look at life and those you attract into your life

The ability to minimise pain and promote self healing

And So Much More


Our aim is to give very best tuition with the very best value for your money in order to make the course accessible to all.

Numbers are Limited to give you the very best experience and a fun day.

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