Free Yourself

Set Yourself Free from the Habit, Fear, Addiction or Illness that Holds You Back.

Are there things in your life that no longer make sense and are preventing you from enjoying your life?
This could be any of the following – stress, anxiety, low self esteem, depression, insomnia, a repetitive disorder, relationship problem, an addiction, health issues, or
even none of the above.
The reality is, if you are not coping with something in your life, hypnosis can help.
With a proper treatment plan, over a few sessions, most issues can be resolved and can be put into a proper perspective. Allowing you to move on to
feelings of being free to enjoy your life.
So why can hypnosis help when I have tried so hard before?
Most of what we do and think takes place on an unconscious level, our conscious mind can only process 7 to 10 bits of information at any one time, but our unconscious mind processes a vast amount of information all the time. Hypnosis allows us access to all those vast reserves of skills and abilities we all have. To be able to plant the seeds of your success, to enable you to grow and move past whatever your current issue might be.
Just as when we sleep, we experience REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, which is how we process the events of that day. Sometimes we wake up and find we feel different about an issue, or the answer to a problem, just pops into our head. Your unconscious has done it’s job.
Sometimes your unconscious needs a kick start to help in the right direction.
when your unconscious and conscious mind may be going around in circles, I help my patients to breakout to find the solution that is right for you.
No matter how long you my have been suffering at is never to late to learn new skill. It can be really surprising how just  small changes can and do make huge differences setting us free.

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