Stop Smoking


Why is it some people can give up smoking and I can’t?

Why can I manage to give up smoking, only to start again as soon as I get stressed?

These are variations of the two most frequent questions that my clients ask me.

Let’s deal with the first.

Why is it so many can give up smoking and I can’t?

For many people giving up smoking is something they have  tried and find they end up becoming frustrated and annoyed with themselves and are left feeling a failure.

Those few people that have stopped without support. They have created a mind set that for them it is not a question of trying but a decision that, no matter what the pain, they are no longer going to smoke.

A Treatment Example

My first job is to listen and understand you!!!     Then I design the session to meet your needs.

‘I smoke when I am stressed’.

I will break that psychological link. I show and prove to you that it is not smoking that is relieving your stress. We show you  the

factors that are. Then I teach you some powerful techniques so you are in control.

This is just one example.

Why do so many people stop smoking only to start again?

The answer is when you stopped smoking, your reasons for stopping are right there in front of your nose, but as time moves on,

those reasons move into the background and become less prominent to you. Therefore, part of the program is the skill of always

knowing why you are a non smoker and your reasons for being a non smoker

It’s not hard to stop smoking if you go about it in the right way.

All of us have the skills and abilities to stop smoking. It is my job to bring out those skills, showing you the way and adding to those skills you already have within you right now. You will leave my consulting room after one session, completely reprogrammed to stop smoking. You will know you are a non smoker with all the skills to remain a non smoker.

You can break the habit ( no you won’t gain weight! )

You will know how to control the cycle of

Will Power       Mood Swings          Cravings            Weight gain


Research shows highlights three main variables

I remove these three issue for you.

Stop smoking is one extended session

to accommodate all the work in one session

Take Back Control of Your Life

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