Stress & Anxiety

It’s such hard work being stressed and anxious all the time.

No wonder you feel so exhausted all the time.

How did it all happen?

Well it did not just happen that’s for sure something is triggering your stress and anxiety but not necessarily what you think it may be. Often the real cause is something from way back or something that puts us in conflict with our values.

How is it that two people will be confronted with the same frightening information yet each will react differently? One will look to make the best of the situation and may even find some positive aspect, whilst the other may be completely overwhelmed consequently suffering stress and anxiety.

Yet the circumstances are the same.

The Answer is the skills we have learned from our past; but sometimes there are gaps in the way we think and our understanding or other memories that get in the way. The answers are different for each of us, but usually after listening to you and taking a proper case history the patterns emerge


THEN we can plot a new way forward for you in a relatively short time.

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